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Mary Rogers is your virtual midlife best friend.

Feb 25, 2016

Mary opens up her inbox to share Listener's Letters. Apparently, she has hit some nerves, but that's okay because we also have word of a marriage back on track and a brother and sister finding harmony in taking care of Mom. Aw, shucks.

Send your letter to Mary@experience50.com


Feb 23, 2016

Learn the estate planning basics of completing advance directives, planning for medical care in the event of loss of decision -making ability. Depending on the state you live, you may have all or some of these separate documents discussed by our guest, Susanne Wideman, attorney and elder law specialist....

Feb 18, 2016

Are you still supporting your grown children? You are not alone! A new phase of life referred to as "emerging adulthood" on the rise in adults age18 - 34. 34! This episode covers the current stats, tips for preventing Boomerang Kids, how to deal with a kid who wants to move back in or needs financial assistance to live...

Feb 15, 2016

You think 50 is too late to leave the steady job? Meet Joann Filomena, 62, who left a successful corporate career on a leap of faith to find happiness and fulfilment. Her story includes finding herself unexpectedly widowed and in a financial tailspin. 

Her story of becoming a widow, changing jobs just 3 weeks after her...

Feb 11, 2016

At midlife strong is better than skinny. Forget the magic pills and programs, you need to get your body in shape just to get you through the next 40 years.

Stephanie Keenan is a former US Navy Nuclear Engineer turned fitness expert who talks with Mary about how to have realistic expectations, how to avoid injury,...