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Mary Rogers is your virtual midlife best friend.

Sep 25, 2020

Mary Rogers interviews Nancy Davis Kho who embarked upon her 50th year filled with gratitude for how well life was treating her. Her new book, The Thank You Project, Cultivating Happiness One Letter of Gratitude at a Time is a funny and inspiring read of how her 50th year became challenging and the lessons learned...

Sep 12, 2020

Stories of being exactly where needed at just the right moment. Was it you? Or was a fellow human being there for you? Either way, we witness a bit of magic when we play a role or witness these moments of human connection.

Can you create those connections? Yes, if you are paying attention.

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Sep 4, 2020

Meet the author of the Experience 50 Book Club selection, "Mimi" Feldman. Her memoir, He Came In With It, tells of her "ten bad years" -from 48 to 58 years old- midlife's Main Street.

A 20+ year marriage, four teenagers, dying parents, running a business, a 50th birthday, and... the bombshell no parent ever wants to...