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Nov 16, 2015

Tom Purcell is a nationally syndicated humor columnist and the author of "Misadventures of a 1970s Childhood," a humorous memoir.

Tom joins Mary Rogers on the Experience 50 Podcast to reminisce about spending childhood summers roaming the neighborhood on stingray, banana seat bikes, only told to be home by dinnertime. Baby Boomers and even some Gen Xers will relate and remember the days!

Purcell’s newspaper column is syndicated in over 300 newspapers and he has written a wonderful book sharing his stories in his personal book.

It includes 16 stories about bike jumps that nearly killed us, vengeance on the sledding slopes, 6th grade puppy love, the old wooden stereo console, the embarrassment of getting the first David Cassidy shag haircut, a beloved family dog that ran away, going through the old photo box, a baby sister left behind at the drive-in theater, a regrettable incident in which an 11 year old kid clogs the family room toilet with an apple core, and other tales from that could only happen in the '70s.



Learn more about Tom Purcell at TomPurcell.com

Buy the book HERE

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