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Mary Rogers is your virtual midlife best friend.

May 7, 2018

Lisa Betts-LaCroix host, of the Super Power U Podcast, helps us identify our inner super powers. Each of us has one, at least one, but sometimes we fail to recognize our own gifts.

Lisa shares her story of entering the arena of competitive ballroom dance, her involvement in the independent learning community and why 50 is NOT too late to pivot into new adventures.

What is your super power?

Check out Lisa's dancing here:


Lisa Betts-LaCroix:

Lisa Betts-LaCroix is a podcaster, speaker, actor, and dancer.  As host of the Super Power U Podcast, she does long-form interviews revealing the mental models and tactical skills needed to be your very own superhero. She's been featured in over one hundred films, television episodes, and movies-of-the-week and is a dance performer and speaker who inspires audiences to embrace vitality and passion and reclaim empowered living in later life.  In spite of taking up dance at age 50, she is a World Champion Pro-Am American Rhythm Ballroom dancer.

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